I received my B. Eng. in Telecommunication Systems and Technologies (2014) and my M. Eng in Multimedia Technologies in Content Production for Audiovisual and Communication (2016) from Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technology (ETTI). In February 2022, I received my PhD degree (Summa Cum Laudae) after defending my thesis focused on developing and enhancing sensors and IoT systems based on LPWAN technologies. Since 2022, I am Lecturer with the Telecommunications Department, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, University Politehnica of Bucharest. My main interests are automation, sensor systems and networks, Internet of Things and Internet of  Medical Things, LPWAN communication technologies.   

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Why did I decide following the doctoral studies?

I wanted to become both an academic and IoT specialist, equally engaged in research and implementation. I started PhD studies as a natural consequence of my personal development: Besides the strong desire to follow an academic career, I liked the idea of mastering a domain at a high level such that, when someone needed expertise in that field, to be a key person for his/her project or solution. Of course, this is a benign self-trap which keeps you continuously up-to-date and engaged in the research. During PhD studies, I have interacted with a lot of specialists, I saw the dos and don’ts and even now I enrich my life experiences, not only the theoretical knowledge. For me, PhD means being alone (as you have to find yourself that particular thing which makes your thesis improve the domain you chose) and being in a team simultaneously (as you often are co-opted in research projects where you bring your ideas). To this end, in October 2016 I joined as a PhD student the Doctoral School of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, University Politehnica of Bucharest, SD-ETTI (https://www.sdetti.upb.ro/) from which I graduated in February 2022.