I have participated in the following national projects:

  1. 2018-2020, Research Assistant, MultiMonD2 Project, “Platform of multi-agent intelligent systems for water quality monitoring on the Romanian sector of the Danube and Danube Delta”, contract no. 33PCCDI / 2018 (UPB project manager Prof. Octavian Fratu)
  2. 2018-2020, Technical-Scientific Respondent, SmartAgro Project: “Telemetry System for Smart Agriculture (SmartAgro)”, subsidiary contract no. 8592 / 08.05.2018 within the project “Ecosystem of research, innovation and development of ICT products and services for a company connected to the Internet of Things - NETIO”, contract no. 53 / 05.09.2016 (Project Manager UPB: Assoc. Prof. Ioana Marcu
  3. October 2020-present, Research Assistant, SmartDelta Project: “Increasing the innovative competitiveness of SC AdNet Market Media through initial innovation investments, in order to achieve a SmartDelta technology platform, within a newly established unit for collaborative CD activities effective "(UPB Project Manager: Assoc. Prof. Șerban Obreja)
  4. November 2020-present, Research Assistant, NGI-UAV-AGRO Project, "Next Generation Internet Platform based on 5G and UAVs for precision agriculture" (UPB Project Manager: Assoc. Prof. Ioana Marcu)
  5. 2017, Research Assistant, FractOFDM Project, “OFDM system based on the use of FFT with incomplete argument (FractOFDM)” - PN3 contract type "PED" no. 213PED/2017 (UPB project manager Prof. Simona Halunga)
  6. 2017-2020, Research Assistant „Integrated Software Platform for Terminal Malware Analysis mobile (ToR-SIM) ”- PN3 contract type“ Solutions ”no. 5Sol/2017 (Project manager Prof. Octavian Fratu)
  7. 2018-2020, Research Assistant, "Integrated Information System for Business Management (SIIMA)"
  8. PN3 contract type "Solutions" no. 8Sol/2018 (UPB project manager Prof. Octavian Fratu)
  9. 2017-2018, PhD student, GEX-2017 Project, "Modeling small-scale road traffic" (Project manager: Lect. Radu Badea)
  10. 2017-2018, PhD student, GEX-2017 Project Modulation ΣΔ in 5G systems (ModΣs) ", contract no. 43/25.09.2017 (Project director: Assoc. Prof. Ioana Marcu)